Digital Branding and Marketing

Digital Branding and Marketing

Press Releases  |  Social Media  |  Writing/SEO

Writing is unique for each audience.  Writing for a brochure is different than writing for a website. Below I have examples of writing for specific outlets and audiences.

Press Releases

Below are press releases written for a non profit organization, Friends of Clinton Youth and Family Service Bureau, which was fundraising for an Event.


Social Media

 Writing for Social Media is challenging, you must be succinct — sometimes in 120 characters (twitter) — and catchy. I find the use of a compelling graphic always goes a long way to grabbing some eyeballs. Here is an example of a Social Media campaign for a non profit, Clinton Placemakers, who was conducting a fundraiser for a local Art Gallery. Other examples are available.

Writing for SEO

The client was looking to take existing brochure copy and retool it for her newly designed website. I helped her to revamp it for the website and made sure it was SEO optimized.