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Facebook Page Management

Facebook is an important way to advertise your business or organization. For non-profits it can be a very cost-effective way to promote your company and service. Through Facebook you can add new members to you audience and engage users with your brand or service by creating engaging content and initiating audience interaction.

Facebook Pages have become an increasingly important way for any organization to reach users and build potential clients, buyers or volunteers in the case of a non-profit. It is estimated there  are more than 3 million users around the world that spend at least a few minutes every day on Facebook. Why not try to get a few of these users to participate with your Page. According to statistics, this is the average amount of time a typical Facebook user spends on the site every single day is 55 minutes.

Who doesn’t like taking advantage of free marketing tools? Especially if you are a non-profit with a lean budget. The average Facebook user has around 130 friends. That means that if your page is ‘liked’ by one person, it will show up on the News Feed to their friends, opening you up to exposure to hundreds of people every time someone else ‘likes’ your Facebook page.

I maintain 2 Facebook Pages, both are non-profit organizations.