Lyme Art Association Website Redesign

WordPress Customization Website Redesign

In this digital age, an organization’s  website serves as the front entrance for customers through which to pass. The mission with the LAA redesign was to give LAA a professional online presence enhancing your organization’s image and branding. LAA has very rich history. It was the work and vision of the early American Impressionists who came to summer at Miss Florence’s Artist Colony in Old Lyme. Exhibitions of Lyme Impressionist paintings began in 1902 and were held at the Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library in Old Lyme  until the LAA Gallery was built in 1921 The Lyme Art Association gallery was the culmination of seven years of planning by artists: Frank Bicknell, William Chadwick, Harry Hoffmann, Wilson Irvine, Lawton Parker, William Robinson, Edward Rook, and Gregory Smith. This is a stunning pedigree for any Gallery. Despite its rich history the Gallery is open to all and inclusive in its exhibitions and membership.

The goals of redesign were:

  • to enable LAA to reach out to their member-based community with news and classes
  • to support and increase the current roster of LAA artists and sponsors.
  • to empower LAA staff to update and maintain their website without the bottleneck of a third-party
  • to have the option of adding E-Commerce for the potential of selling artwork online in the future so many wonderful images to add to the website to make it visually rich was easy, what was harder was deciding what not to include. We used the standard protocols of using tried and true and well tested Plugins to house their numerous Exhibitions. Three years of Exhibitions are offered for users to peruse, with new ones being added steadily. Going with Next-Gen also allowed of the future addition of ecommerce when LAA is ready to add that functionality to their site.

LAA had supported their previous website using a proprietary CMS provided by the previous designer. They wanted to move to platform that was no longer proprietary, making use of the WordPress Content Management System as their platform.

We provided training documentation unique to their website was created of them, as well as one-on-one training sessions for staff.